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Acupressure is not only an excellent tool for self-care. It can also be used effectively for helping others. That's precisely what we do with our clients during private acupressure sessions.

The benefits of those acupressure sessions are remarkable. 

Below are some of the most common experiences people have reported during, and after receiving, an acupressure session:

- feeling deeply relaxed

- feeling better

- feeling less pain/discomfort, or feeling no more pain at all

- got better sleep the following night(s)

- feeling happier

- feeling less stressed

- feeling less anxious

- feeling more in tuned with one's body


Though the theory of acupressure is the same for both self-care and care for others, during private acupressure sessions, practitioners use a powerful combination of two unique modalities: 

  • TuiNa massage, an active style of acupressure that utilizes a large variety of strokes, hand manipulations, rocking and stretching;
  • acupressure points, a quiet style of acupressure, where the practitioner holds points to connects meridians and organs systems, to stimulate energy circulation, almost similar to what acupuncture does.

Each acupressure session is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.

The sessions are done fully clothed and each session lasts approximately one (1) hour.

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Upon arrival, we spend a few minutes listening to the client's report of symptoms, pains, and other health related issues (physical, mental, emotional) they might be experiencing.

In addition, the practitioner looks at signs of energy imbalances, through various means of assessment, such as face and tongue observation, pulse listening, abdomen, meridians and points palpation...).

The session lasts for one (1) hour: 30 minutes of TuiNa massage and 30 minutes of Acupressure Points.

After the session ends, the practitioner reassesses the energy of the person and, if the person is interested, self-care exercises are suggested to help maintain a good level of energy and strengthen the person's ability to heal, even after the person leaves the session room.

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Avoid eating a large meal, and/or drinking tea or coffee right before your session

It is better to come in on an empty stomach. Also try avoiding drinking tea or coffee as it affects the look of the tongue and the feeling of the pulse. If you are hungry, have a snack or a light meal beforehand. Having a full stomach before your session can be uncomfortable and could cause indigestion.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing

It is important to feel comfortable and unrestricted during the session. Please wear loose comfortable clothes. Not all clothes work well for the session. For example, thicker fabrics, such as jeans, velvet as well as t-shirts with big prints in the back, are harder to work with. Thin, loose-fitting clothing works best.

Personal Care

As a courtesy to the practitioner and other clients who might have chemical sensitivity, please don't wear cologne, perfume or other fragrance. If you have been exercising or sweating, please shower before coming to your session. If you have been hiking out in nature, please change your clothes to prevent exposure to poison oak.

Be vocal about your body

If you are having pain in a particular area or have pre-existing medical conditions, please discuss them with your practitioner prior to your session. This will allow the practitioner to create a session best suited to your needs.

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